10 Reasons Texans Hate Cold Weather

Texans can handle the heat, but we just never get used to the cold. Here’s why.


1. We’re used to hot weather


When it gets below 80-ish degrees, us Texans get chilly. We spend the majority of our year sweating and avoiding the sun, so when cold weather comes along, we freak out.


2. We don’t own a lot of winter clothing


We may own some shirts with long sleeves and a jacket or two, but really, we are totally unprepared when it comes to COLD weather. When we step outside with the few layers we can scrounge together, all we think about is how cold we are and how ready we are for it to be summer again.

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3. We forget how to drive


We really never have to drive around in snow and ice, so when we even see a tiny bit of it, we freak out and cancel school, work, and life. The only way to cure a traffic problem in Texas is to tell people that tomorrow it’s gonna freeze. EVERYONE will stay home.


4. It takes too long for cars to warm up


We can cool a car down in the heat of the summer with the A/C turned to max in no time. During winter, it feels like cars take an eternity to heat up.


5. We’re not good at getting ice off our cars


Scraping ice off of our cars and trucks is a difficult and annoying thing to have to do. Needless to say, the little to no practice we have at it means we have very frustrating mornings because…


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