10 Annoying Texans We All Know

It is our duty to love all Texans equally. These are the 11 Texans that we can love a little less equally.


11. The “Truck Nuts” Texan


We love trucks in Texas. We really do. But pretty much no one wants to see a pair of “truck nuts” while driving down the road. I think we can all agree that if we see you driving down the road in your truck with a pair hanging down below, you’re an annoying Texan.


10. The “no I don’t need a jacket, my arms don’t get cold” Texan


I understand that it doesn’t always get cold in Texas. But face it. This is Texas, when it’s below 70 degrees, it’s practically freezing. You’re not more macho because you’re not wearing a jacket. You’re just crazy. Put one on.


9. The “It’s hot outside so I’m going to screenshot the temperature to let you know” Texan


Oh, I already know that it’s 107 degrees outside. You know how I know? I ALSO LIVE HERE! When it gets hot during the summer, there’s nothing more annoying than our Amateur Texan Meteorologists.


8. “All I talk about is the Cowboys” Texan


I’m an equal Texas team lover. I will root for any and all Texas teams, as long as they aren’t playing each other. Despite this, there are still a few Cowboys fans out there that just take it a little too far for me. Let’s take it down a notch yall.


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7. “All I talk about is the Texans” Texan


The Houston version of the previous annoying Texan is the die-hard-I-live-eat-sleep-Texans Texan. We get it. We like them too. Can we now please talk about something else?


6. “I liked it a lot better in the other state that I’m from” Texan


A LOT of people are moving to Texas, but the most annoying thing about them isn’t that they’re coming here. We’re happy with people wanting to live in Texas. We just don’t want to hear about how much better _________ is in your state. You came here, so fall in line and drink the Texas Kool-Aid.


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