The 25 Things We Miss About Astroworld The Most

6. The UltraTwister

“Moving conveyer, please watch your step” was the warning the automated voice would yell as you waited to board the ride. Arguably the least dependable ride in all of Astroworld’s history, The UltraTwiter was always getting stuck or having work done. It was also probably the slowest to get you to the top of the first drop.

All that being said, it was awesome and “futuristic”, which is exactly what Astroworld was supposed to be about.

7. Greezed Lightnin’


Via Joyrides

Built in 1978, Greezed Lightnin’ was one of the oldest ride in the park when it closed. It was old because it was popular. If you got there right when the park opened, before the lines would get long, sometimes the ride operator would let you ride it multiple times in a row.

The only warning necessary for this ride was “put your head against the headrest before it takes off”. You didn’t want your head to get slammed back when it took off. It would make for a less than pleasurable rest of your day.

8. Flying In THESE Planes


Via Arturo

Dreaming of flying a plane is part of being a kid, which is why flying one of these at Astroworld was such a cool memory. I always fought with my brother about who was gonna get to “fly” the thing. I normally won simply because I was older.

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9. Batman Escape


Astroworld was never really the kind of park that had super elaborate decorations on its rides, so in 1993 when they installed Batman Escape, along with all of the cool decorations, we were pretty pumped. Granted, the Batmobile did have a flat tire half the time it was parked there, it was still a fun ride, aside from the fact that it was kind of “painful” for guys if you didn’t adjust the standing seat correctly, if ya know what I mean.

10. The Serpent


The Serpent wasn’t exactly the most exciting roller coaster in the world, but it was the first coaster many kids rode when they got old enough to stop riding kiddie rides. It was an important step in the process of growing up at Astroworld.

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