19 Foods That Texans Can’t Live Without

6. Sweet Tea


I only have one thing to say about sweet tea and that’s this; folks who don’t like sweet tea need to have their heads checked.

Moving on…

5. Homemade Tamales


There are two forms of currency that are accepted in Texas; US Dollars and homemade tamales. When it gets to be cold outside, the most popular people in this state generally are the ones who make tamales by the dozen. They’ll warm up any Texan’s temperature and mood any time of day.

4. Pecan Pie


First of all, it’s pronounced “puh – cahn”. No one says “pee – can”. Secondly, it’s delicious. You offer any Texan a slice of homemade pie and a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and you’ll make an instant friend.

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What the rest of the country calls “kolache” we call “pig in a blanket”. THESE are kolaches and they’re delicious. Our Czech ancestors have done it up right and have gotten us addicted to the delicious baked goods. Do yourself a favor and stop at Weikels, Czech Stop, or Hruska’s in the near future to grab you one.

 2. Chicken Fried Steak


Chicken Fried Steak is a staple of the hungry Texan. Not only is it completely filling, it’ll help put you to sleep if you’re suffering from insomnia. Like tacos, it’s hard to find a bad CFS in Texas. Nearly every diner and restaurant in this state serves their take on the dish. My personal favorite is at the Gristmill.

1. Chili


You can’t talk about Texas diets without talkin’ about the official dish of the State of Texas: Chili. Folks elsewhere call it Chili Con Carne, but here in Texas it’s just Chili. Folks elsewhere also ruin their chili by adding beans and other “filler”. Round here, we just keep it simple with sauce, ground beef, some fresh onions, sour cream (if you can’t handle the spice), and a pinch of cheese. We’re such experts on the dish that the international championship of chili cook offs is in Texas.

Anyone that knows beans about chili knows there’s no beans in chili.

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