A Map That Finally Shows How Big Texas Is

There is finally a map that shows how many countries and states are as close to Texas, as it is long.

It happens all the time. People come here and are blown away by how long it takes to get from point “A” to point “B” in Texas. Well, there’s an easy answer for why it takes so long, and it’s that our state is gigantic! Texas is 791 miles “tall” to be exact. Driving across our state is not an easy task.

To put it in to perspective check out the map, which was created by a group of Redditors. Everything in red is within 791 miles of Texas, or the equivalent of driving across it. Beaumont is closer to Tampa Bay, Florida than it is El Paso. Corpus Christi, home of Selena (RIP) is closer to Cuba than it is Denver. Yes, seriously. THAT is how big our state is.


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