16 Signs You Went To School In Texas

9. You had to take a Texas History class


People in other states ask me, “why do you guys make your kids take a Texas history course?” Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Texas history is robust, interesting, and something to be proud of. If your state’s history was this cool, you’d teach everyone about it too.


10. You can quote the movie Varsity Blues


This movie was awesome. It’s chock-full of fake Texas accents, but it’s full of good one-liners. “I don’t want, you’re life” is easily the most quotable line…


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11. If your local Dairy Queen sponsored basically everything at your school


I’m pretty sure there are 6 Dairy Queens for every one Texan in this state. They are in literally every small town, which means they also tend to be a big sponsor for High School related activities.


12. If people would get their friends in body shop class to jack up their trucks


You know you’re going to High School in Texas if the best car/truck modification shop in town was your high school welding/body shop class. At my school the trucks they jacked up would have easily gone head to head with Grave Digger and some of the other professional monster trucks.


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