14 Things All Texans Have Said At Least Once

5. “Was your high school a 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a, or 1a?”

In Texas, football is king. For the most part, our lives revolve around it, which is why we have all asked the people we meet whether their high school was a 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a, or 1a. It’s a “secret” code that helps us gauge how big of a town that other Texan comes from.


4. “Anything for Selenas!”

All Texans that have seen the Selena¬†movie can quote the scene when the two cholos cruise by her bus that is stuck on the side of the road. When Selena’s bus, Big Bertha, proceeds to pull the bumper off their low-rider, one of the dudes says, “Anything for Selenas”. It’s become a classic Texas movie quote that all Texans who have seen the movie can reference.


3. “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

Nowadays this line gets thrown around a lot for innuendo purposes, but it’s still as Texan as they come. It comes in especially handy when trash-talking with people who aren’t from Texas. Like it or not, all Texans have to throw it out there once or twice in their lifetime.


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2. “Hold my beer, and watch this.”

These are simply the famous last words of many drunk Texans. What are Texans if not people with big egos? Far too often the Texas ego, aka Texas Swagger, leads to the belief that doing something dumb is a good idea. More times than not, those instances involve beer, which is why this phrase gets used far too often. Use of this phrase should be followed by “don’t try this at home”.


1.¬†“Fixin’ to”

The Texas Legislature needs to officially designate this phrase as the National Verb of Texas. Fixin’ to is one of my favorite Texas-isms that still throws foreigners off. The look on their face when we say we’re “fixin’ to” do something is priceless, and one that never gets old. In fact, I’m fixin’ to find a non-Texan that I can say it to so I can have a good laugh.


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