14 Old Texas Things Kids Nowadays Can’t Understand

6. Enron


Kids nowadays will think of Bernie Madoff when they think of financial scandals, but as Texans we all knew someone who was affected by the giant financial sham that was Enron. The thousands of employees employed by them lost their life’s savings in the downfall of the company. It was a sad day for the entire state when one of it’s largest employers ended up being a house of cards.

7. Astrodome

astrodome_1 astrodome

Nowadays, domed stadiums are the norm. In fact, most people are used to enclosed stadiums with retractable roofs. Long before that was the norm though, the 8th wonder of the world was the envy of the sports and event world. It hosted the Houston Oilers, The Astros, Muhammed Ali, The Rolling Stones, and even Elvis. It may not be in the greatest shape now due to years of neglect but in it’s heyday it was the measuring stick by which all other stadiums were measured.   Texas Humor Shirt

8. The Dixie Chicks


Once upon a time there was a band. This band was HUGE. This band was Texan. This band was The Dixie Chicks. It was hard to look in any direction without seeing someone who loved their music. Then they got political during the height of the Iraq war. Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who still owns their CD’s. Kids these days will never understand how fall these stars fell in a very short time.

9. King Of The Hill


Arlen, Texas may not have existed, but the characters and the city they lived in on King Of The Hill were very Texan. Everyone knew someone in real life who was similar to one of their characters.

10. Going to Mexico for a cheap, and safe, beer


Going to a Mexican border town used to be a normal occurrence. It was as easy as driving to the border and walking across. Nowadays you need a passport and a bullet proof vest in most border towns. Sadly the days of going across the border for cheap tacos and beers are over, at least until the violence dies down.  

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