13 Fried Foods to Try at The Texas State Fair

5. Fried Frito Pie


Frito Pie is hard to pass in any form. I can tell you after having tried it in a fried form, it’s even better. It comes with a side of sour cream and salsa. It’s super filling, and the flavor is on point. It’s a super mobile version of a favorite Texas meal. This dish was at Bert’s Burgers tent in the Cotton Bowl Plaza, and it won a taste award in 2010.

Verdict: Definitely Try – Score: 8/10 – Location: Cotton Bowl Plaza

4. Fried King Ranch Casserole


The tent that sold the earlier lackluster Fried Grilled Cheese, also happens to be home to the Fried King Ranch Casserole. Along with the style points of shaping the food in to shape of Texas, the food itself is really good. King Ranch Casserole is already delicious, but everyone knows that things shaped like Texas instantly taste better. That rule of thumb is very true for this dish.

Verdict: Definitely Try – Score: 8/10 – Location: Big Texas Circle  

3. Fried Cheese Cake


Few things are as delicious as Fried Cheese Cake. I chomped down 3/4’s of this thing before remembering that I still had a lot of other food to try that day. It was hard to put down.


Along with being incredibly delicious, it also gets style points for being easy to eat, not super messy, and looking nice. On my next visit, I’m probably going to eat my own weight in Fried Cheese Cake.

Verdict: Definitely Try – Score: 8.5/10 – Location: Close to Embarcadero

2. Fried Jambalaya


The same Vandalay Industries tent that served up the Fried Butter, also happens to serve another award winning and equally delicious fried item. This one is Creole Jambalaya. Served with some kind of drizzle over the top and an extra fried onion ring, this was easily one of the best things I ate at the fair. Granted, its roots are more Louisianan than Texan, it’s delicious none-the-less. As a side note, the Vandalay Industries tent is also home to Deep Fried Cookie Dough, Fried PBJ & Banana, and a Doritos Cool Ranch Pizza that is fried as well. Unfortunately, they ran out of the pizza right before we got to the front of the line. If you have tried it, let us know. We were bummed to miss it.

Verdict: You HAVE to Try – Score: 9/10 – Location: Close to Embarcadero

1. Fletcher’s Corny Dog


You literally cannot go to the State Fair and not have a Fletcher’s Corny Dog. They invented the food back in the late 1930’s and introduced it at the State Fair. I’m pretty sure it’s Big Tex’s favorite food because you can find a Fletcher’s Corny Dog tent right next to him. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to not eat one when you’re there, so do everything in your power to get one if you go to the Fair.

Verdict: It’s Illegal to not eat one – Score: 10/10 – Location: Big Tex Circle  

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