10 Annoying Texans We All Know

5. The “I’m in the passing lane, but I’m not passing” Texan


Look, Texas is big. It’s really big. Which means, sometimes we need to go a little faster than other folks on the highway. Well, on the interstate, the rule is stay in the right lane unless you’re passing. So all of you Texans who like to cruise over in to the right lane and not pass any other vehicle, are super annoying. MOVE OVER!


4. The “I left my blinker on the entire drive between San Antonio and El Paso” Texan


To reiterate, Texas is big, which is why it’s super annoying to spend several hours behind someone who has left their turn signal on. If you’re gonna turn your signal on, turn it off, or GET OVER!


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3. The “All I do is Instagram photos of sunsets” Texan


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sunset. But at a certain point, we need some variety. Maybe drive to the other side of the state, or get some clouds in there. Either way, we’ve seen enough sunsets from you. Let someone else capture the beauty that is a Texas sunset.


2. The “Oh my God, Bluebonnets! Let’s stop and take pictures” Texan


We all know a Texan who can’t drive down a road like this without slamming on their brakes, pulling to the side, and making everyone in the car get out to take pictures amongst the bluebonnets.


1. The “It’s raining, so I forgot how to drive” Texan


It doesn’t rain often, but when it does, there are a heck of a lot of Texans who seem to forget how to drive. Nothing is more annoying (and dangerous) than someone trying to Instagram the rain and drive down the freeway. If this describes you, GET OFF THE ROAD!


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